01 Mar 2012.

Tree branches, rooftops, bicycles, benches, hats and scarves—all covered in the most beautiful powdery snow imaginable. Made me so happy yesterday.

Paradise Pond is such a lovely place. Two days ago I happened upon an article in a landscape architecture magazine that mentioned that Smith’s first president wanted the entire campus to be developed as a botanic garden for the scientific and aesthetic value it would bring to the college. Frederick Law Olmsted (the designer of Central Park and father of modern landscape architecture) was hired for the job. I remember visiting Smith for the first time nearly a year ago—at the time I was not at all impressed by the campus, but walking around now I can see that the beauty of the landscape more than makes up for the lack of stately architecture.

I think if everyone decided to take leisurely walks by the pond every once in a while we’d all be better off.

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